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Aerospace systems can obtain significant complexity with only a few sub-systems.  In order to develop new and high quality technologies efficiently Protoflight Solutions approaches developments from an incremental and iterative basis with a focus on keeping our talent free of activities that do not directly relate to results.  We prefer to measure performance milestones solely on the results defined and delivered to further increase our clarity of action and overall work throughput.  Protoflight Solutions offers a unique level of high caliber expertise and rapid responsiveness that is specifically honed to tackle the most challenging aerospace projects.


PROTOFLIGHT has tailored a technology development design process that utilizes higher risk tolerances, Agile management practices, and quick responsiveness that is needed for certain prototype flight projects or missions. Overall technology development risk is reduced by keeping each iteration relatively incremental and compact in scope.  We are committed to delivering high end results by utilizing a using a responsive, agile, and transparent development process all in a manner that supports the continuous growth of our talented professionals.



Protoflight Solutions is fueled by highly talented professionals that love aerospace.  We seek to retain our professional expertise using competitive benefits packages commensurate with the demanding and challenging work we provide.  Each team is selected with the goal to balance between cross-training and subject matter expertise.  Our network includes local and regional professionals that can be activated for term or fixed effort projects.  For knowledge only or knowledge intensive projects Protoflight Solutions can arrange remote work arrangements with regional or national team members to tackle the most challenging efforts.  

Please visit our Career section for more information about employment opportunities.

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We use a hybrid process that merges tried and true systems design techniques with modern agile development practices.  Although the exact architecture will require adjustments for each project the overall process phases are kept simple to help keep our updates transparent and to more easily communicate development status. The use of a customized agile approach to design development sets Protoflight Solutions in a unique position to offer high end solutions that can adjust to changing developments and offer high levels of customer collaboration.

  • Requirements Survey: Each project starts with a requirements survey that also includes a technical and schedule risk assessment.

  • Research & Conceptual Design: The research and conceptual design phase will vary in scope for each project; however, the initial alternatives study will drive the high level architecture subsequent development iterations.

  • Design Development & Experimentation Cycle: Each project will have a unique architecture in this phase involving multiple iterations of design and development testing. These may include sub-system, sub-scale, or other prototype tests, up to and including flight testing, to guide the development to a single solution selection.  Use of agile methods during this phase allows for increased transparency and faster responses to evolving designs.

  • Solution Refinement, Testing, & Validation

    At this final phase a single solutions is refined to the point the configuration can be locked for (final) validation. Note that certain projects may include aspects of this phase in the development cycle.  Validation typically involves a range of functional and environmental tests that lead up to a final flight test.
  • Close Out Evaluation & Feedback Session: Each and every project will include an evaluation (report) of how well the delivered results performed.  This is also the point where feedback is solicited so that our process can continue to improve.